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On Long Beach Island, we experience some of the best and some of the worst weather. Our homes need to be able to withstand the high winds, snow, rain, flooding, and sun, all things that come with living on a barrier island. It is important that reliable crews exercise quality craftsmanship with high-quality materials to ensure the safety of your home and your family. At Shore Builders Group, we are the go-to for homeowners when seeking vinyl siding expertise, installation, and replacement.

Quickly growing in popularity, homeowners often wonder why they should choose vinyl siding over other options. Aside from being cost-effective, there are a plethora of options when it comes to vinyl. With vinyl siding, there is flexibility in terms of color, style, textures, and profiles. With options like vinyl shake and shingle, horizontal clapboard, vertical board and batten siding, and more, vinyl can be the right fit, no matter the style of the home. With fading, peeling, chipping, and flaking highly unlikely, curb appeal will remain strong throughout the years.

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Not only is vinyl siding attractive but so are its features. At Shore Builders, we recommend vinyl due to its durability. Strong and reliable, vinyl is dent resistant and unaffected by moisture and changing temperatures. Vinyl siding allows for moisture to escape, helping with the prevention of the formation of mold and mildew. Living in the shore towns of Barnegat Light, Harvey Cedars, Surf City, Ship Bottom, Beach Haven and Long Beach Township, it is incredibly important that the materials used to outfit homes can withstand the elements. Being the perfect low maintenance material it is, homes won’t experience any warping, splitting, or rotting. Throw away the paint brushes and scrapers, those days are gone. Just hose down the siding when needed for a brand new look and feel! At Shore Builders Group, we love the durability and lasting effects of vinyl; not only is it great for LBI but it is also great for the environment. With the ability to recycle scraps and the long life cycle, there is a much lower environmental impact than other materials.

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The Right Choice Vinyl Siding

Now that you have decided that vinyl siding is the right choice for your LBI home, where do you start? First, reach out to our experienced team of vinyl siding contractors to get an estimate based on the scope of your project. Once the project is ready to move forward, our contractors will come out to the home and ensure the landscaping, HVAC units, and any other key areas on the property before beginning work. Keeping your property clean and clear of debris is just as important to us as the installation and final product itself.

Before our contractors begin installing the vinyl siding, we will assess the home for any structural defects or other pre-existing issues. These issues must be addressed before installation so your new siding will perform as it should. Shore Builders is well equipped to help repair any damages as we also specialize in new home construction and renovation. Once any damages have been repaired, our team will remove any fixtures such as exterior lights, down-spouts, molding, mailboxes, house numbering, and anything else necessary.

To prep the home for the siding itself, our contractors will remove any siding or exterior finishes that are not compatible with vinyl siding. This attention to detail will ensure that your home will have no future issues once the new siding is installed. They will also ensure that the walls are sheathed with a substrate, so your home is ready to install the vinyl siding.

Hire an Experienced Vinyl Siding Contractor

It is best to hire our vinyl siding contractors for your installation because our specialists have a wealth of knowledge on the fitting and nailing rules. There are several rules set that are incredibly important to follow during installation. Due to the nature of vinyl, it can expand and contract with temperature changes, something we are faced with often on Long Beach Island. As LBI natives, we are well versed in these changes and prep your home for these by allowing extra room in the installation to allow for the expansion of the vinyl, preventing buckling. We will also ensure that nails aren’t driven in too tightly to restrict the movement and create waves in the panels. Our contractors also ensure that each nail is driven straight into the appropriate slot, preventing buckling.

While some areas of your home may seem simple to install vinyl siding, others are not. Our contractors are well versed in the different roof lines and angles that homes can have. With this knowledge, they can ensure watertight seals and appropriate lengths. In addition, some homes have changes in a direction depending on corners and angles; our team can install whatever channels are necessary to accommodate all different homes. Once the team has assessed the home, installed the needed channels, and cut the vinyl to the appropriate lengths, the siding is ready to be installed. Whether your home is the perfect measurement so that the siding doesn’t need to be cut or if the final pieces need to be trimmed, our team will come prepared with the necessary tools to get the job done.

And finally, your home’s vinyl siding is complete! Unfortunately, on Long Beach Island, there aren’t many materials that can withstand the environmental elements thrown our way. But, with our expert team of shore builders, you can ensure that your job will be done right the first time.

Whether your siding is damaged and in need of replacement, outdated, or you want a fresh, new look, Shore Builders Group, located in Brant Beach, is here to help.