LBI Home Watch Services

Shore Builders Group Full Home Watch Services For Your Beach Home

LBI Home Watch Services


Shore Builders Group, LLC is experienced with home watch services and protecting your investment. We are on the ground in Long Beach Island, we live here and have the expertise to protect your beach home. 

Interior Inspections: Partial List

  • Check all windows & exterior doors and sliding doors to ensure they are all locked for security purposes or any signs of human attempted entry. We also look for any dampness from possible leaks, especially after high winds from storms.
  • Check the temperature settings of your home and adjust, if necessary, to make sure your home is properly heated during the off-season winter months.
  • Check all GFI outlets and the electrical panel for tripped circuit breakers
  • Check all pipes, faucets and under sinks for leakage / frozen pipes. This is probably the single most important reason to have your home checked during the freezing cold winter months.
  • Check your hot water heater for leaks and make sure the heating source is operating.
  • Check/report any smell of natural gas leaks
  • Check for LBI field mice, other rodents, and pest visual inspection. Raccoons have been an issue for the past few years.
  • Check for obvious signs of water damage from busted or leaking pipes for high flood waters.

Long Beach Island Home Watch Services

Fully Licensed & Insured

Exterior Inspections: Partial List

  • Check all windows and screens for damage
  • Check your outside A/C Condensers
  • Check outside shower pipes, handles, and heads.
  • Check that all trash cans are appropriately stored / secure.
  • Check for rodent and pest intrusion, usually from holes where mechanicals enters the home.
  • Check your siding for damage.
  • Check your garage doors are operating correctly.
  • Check roofing and gutter with ground floor visual inspection for damage.

“We can fix little issues before they become BIG issues”