LBI Home Additions & Renovations

Shore Builders Group will Add Value to Your Existing LBI Home

LBI Home Additions & Renovations


Shore Builders Group, LLC has a proven track record of adding value to your home in LBI. Evaluating, updating, and renovating properties on Long Beach Island and Jersey Shore.

We understand LBI home construction and throughout the years we have modernized homes into luxurious abodes. We offer phenomenal craftsmanship and construction to all of our clients, whether we are completing a waterfront home addition, design, or renovation into a perfect place for your family to enjoy for decades. Our experience with LBI home additions and second-story expansions gives our clients peace of mind that their homes will be taking care of by us.

Our company is renowned for its mastery in remodeling.  Interior and exterior finishes are a particular specialty of Shore Builders Group and we pride ourselves on delivering innovative designs that thrill our clients. 

We would love the opportunity to take a look at your potential project so you can see firsthand how easy we are to work with and how knowledgeable we are in remodeling your Long Beach Island home. 

Long Beach Island Remodeling

Whole Home Renovations LBI

Are you ready to remodel your older LBI home? A whole-home renovation project is a big job. We get into the guts of your home right down to the studs and completely renovate it into a modern, pleasurable and suitable space for your family.

Life on Long Beach Island, New Jersey, is constantly moving and changing. The island evolves to accommodate its inhabitants’ needs better and appeal to travelers. Whether you have just moved into a home there or have been settled in for a while, adapting your home to the changing environment of its neighborhood and your family is a project you should not be afraid to undertake. Some changes that are possible could be home additions, renovations, and alterations. These changes make it possible for you to eliminate any of the smaller or more cramped spaces in your home. If you have a growing family or the desire to have more visitors, a home addition may be the right next step for you. Room additions can be catered to your needs and personal style, ranging from plain and simple to extravagant and over-the-top. A popular example of room addition is a sunroom. This room addition could provide extra lighting and an area to let in more of that LBI ambiance.

However, these room additions do require a bit of research as different locations and climates need to be considered when designing additional aspects of your home. Sticking to the example of sunrooms, you would need to consider the weather and climate of your specific area. For example, if you are located somewhere in the middle of Beach Haven, where surrounding buildings tend to block light, a sunroom may not be such a good idea. On the other hand, in Long Beach Township and Barnegat Light, light fills the entire space at the ends of the island and would be perfect for illuminating a new sunroom. Other types of room additions can include expanding your bathroom, bedroom, or kitchen or even adding additional spaces for new rooms of this sort. Decks, basements, and storage spaces can also be included in this type of home upgrading.

Long Beach Island Premier Contractor

Big Renovation/Addition Projects

An even bigger project you may be considering undertaking is home renovations and alterations. Interior and exterior styles tend to change all the time greatly from rustic to modern and gothic to a farmhouse. Simple home alterations can update paint colors, kitchen counter materials, and change rug flooring to hardwood to cater to your changing tastes and personal style. On the other hand, Renovations will give you a brand new slate to work with, completely changing entire spaces in your house. Perhaps you want to make the walls in your living room all glass so you can have a view of nature right from your couch. Or maybe you want your beach-themed bathroom to feel a bit more elegant and serene. These types of renovations are very popular with homeowners and keep you feeling refreshed with your living space. Complete interior renovations are the next step up from this, changing and upgrading the inside of your home completely to maintain the same theme throughout. While this may seem like a huge project to tackle, the right building company will be able to guide you through the entire process, mapping out a clear schedule and blueprint at the very start of your renovation. If you feel like it’s time to update your home’s interior, why wait? Interior styles and trends are always changing and waiting for you to tackle them.

It’s not just the inside of your home that needs love. Complete exterior renovations are the perfect way to keep the outside of your home looking brand new. Aspects of this type of renovation can include new shutters, a fresh coat of paint, a new front door, an updated roof, and maybe even the addition of a porch. Of course, it is important to keep in mind your surroundings and climate, as porches and enlarged windows on the front of your house may be difficult to maintain in beach settings such as Long Beach Island. Some of the best and most notable parts of LBI are the colorful and extravagant houses that can be seen from the boulevard. On the beaches of Surf City and Ship Bottom, houses with polished and beautiful exteriors sit atop the dunes, looking like trophies over the beaches. Whether your goal is to have the most eye-catching house in your neighborhood or a look that caters to your personal style, complete exterior remodeling is a common service that a good building company will be able to make happen for you.

Adding Another Level on your LBI Home

The final and most ambitious addition you can make to your home is adding a level. Though it may sound scary to rip off your roof and create another level on top of your home’s existing foundation, don’t let the idea scare you away! Adding a level is common for small beach houses, as it adds plenty of space for extra bedrooms, storage, and bathrooms for bigger families and guest visits. Another idea for adding a level to your home is adding a rooftop deck. This would be perfect for any home in LBI, as it would allow for a great way to soak up some sun in the privacy of your own home. It would be especially great in Harvey Cedars, as the sounds of the nighttime concerts and occasional fireworks would be easily accessible to you. Though a big undertaking, the right building company will work with you to design, create, and build the perfect additional level to your home, opening up your space and making your options endless.

Now that you know how additions and renovations to your home can make it more personal to you and your unique style, you should know that it doesn’t end there. These upgrades and updates to your LBI house can also increase the property value greatly. Most projects add $25,000 at least to the value of a home. With a design that fits your budget and a one-stop-shop building group that can make the process of these big projects easy, the value of your home can sky-rocket, ensuring your future in the world of real estate. By making the executive decision to allow your wildest dreams of renovations to your home to come true, you’re going to see a great rate of return on your end. So whether you’re looking for more recreational space for gathering with your family or guests or a brand new look for your interior or exterior, the services provided by building groups make the possibilities limitless.