LBI House Raising

House raising is HUGE in Long Beach Island and much of the New Jersey shore, mostly due to the volatility of the area during hurricane season, and especially after Hurricane Sandy wreaked havoc on many of the homes in the area.

We specialize in house raising and also happen to be the fastest finishers. We get your project done in the same amount of time as other companies have only started working on your paperwork! We know you want your house raising project done as quickly as possible. Our construction team works hastily, all while ensuring every detail is performed and all safety measures are taken. We offer only the best house raising services to our loyal customers in Long Beach Island.

We currently only take on about six jobs each season, as opposed to competitors who take on over more than twenty. What’s the difference? It means we pay more personal attention to each job to get them done faster!

Call us for a quote on our house raising in Long Beach Island services–you will not be disappointed! (609) 494-5500