Do you have as a home improvement and residential custom building contractor a great reputation of quality workmanship, honesty, and dependability? 

Yes, Shore Builders Group, LLC has a 100% customer satisfaction rating.

Is the owner of the your building company directly involved in our project? Yes, the owner is on site everyday, some owners sit behind a desk, our owner takes pride visiting each customer construction site each day. Whether you are building just a new outside shower or an entire custom new home you will be given the same hands on customer service that only a true to the meaning custom builder can provide.

Is your company local?

Absolutely.  Our office is located in Brant Beach, LBI. The owner of Shore Builders Group, LLC was born and raised in New Jersey. The owner has strong ties to the community and has many family and friends who suffered devastation from Superstorm Sandy.  She is committed to helping homeowners rebuild and restore the Jersey Shore, and is present on every job and always available to answer any questions homeowner’s may have.

What services does your company offer?

We offer a complete house raising package, including architectural/engineering, electrical, plumbing, house raising, excavation, masonry and construction.  We also obtain permits, and assist filing ICC Claims and applying for grants. We can handle as much or as little as you prefer.


What is the process of raising a home?

First the structure is excavated around to allow for holes to be made in your current foundation, then the steel beams are placed in these openings. Once the beams are placed the home is elevated hydraulically using the unified jack system. Typically the home is then excavated out underneath to allow for your new basement pour. On occasion, if there is enough room on your lot the home can be moved out of its current site and then transferred back to its original site. Once the new foundation has set , the home is then lowered back down and the beams are removed.

What are the reasons to raise our home?

Most important to ensure your main living space never gets flooded again. Also because this will save you thousands of dollars of savings for lower cost flood insurance. You must raise above the new BFE / DFE Design Flood Elevation.

How long does it take to raise my house?

Generally the entire process of just the house raising and adding to your existing block foundation or moving and supply and installing a new timber pile foundation takes around 3 months.

What damage can be expected during the house raise?

Minor sheetrock cracking and shifting is the worse that could happen. Because our house raiser users the newest state of the art unified jacking system, it limits even the cracks in drywall to virtually none.

What type of foundations are available? 

Poured concrete grade beams with poured concrete piers or block walls, CMU block, timber pile foundations with no concrete, helical micro pull-down piles, or, in poor soil areas we could use a combination of all of the above.

Can fireplaces, chimneys and decks be raised?


Do I need to raise my New Jersey Shore home?

Please visit THIS SITE, and input your address to learn your new ABFE and zone. Adhering to the ABFE adopted by New Jersey will help protect your home from future flooding and damage, as well as minimize or prevent the possibility of flood insurance premium increases.

What is an ABFE?

ABFE (or BFE) stands for Advisory Base Flood Elevation. DFE = Design Flood Elevation.

This refers to the highest elevation of water expected at any given location in the 1% annual chance of a flood event. FEMA uses updated coastal studies methodologies and topographical data to update the ABFE.  The new ABFE is expected to be released by FEMA in early June 2013. The new DFE was just released in 2016.

What is a V zone?

The V zone refers to areas in tidal floodplains that are at risk for hazards associated with storm-induced waves at least three feet in height.  Homes in a V zone being raised or rebuilt using a masonry foundation application require the installation of helical piles. For homes not using masonry foundations the recommended application is wooden pilings, timber piles 10″ diameter.

What is the difference between helical piles and wooden pilings?

Helical piles or piers are made from galvanized steel and are advanced deep in the soil to transfer the weight of your home onto load bearing bedrock. They are installed with specialized machinery directly under your raised home, eliminating the need to temporarily move your home. Timber piling installation requires moving your home safely to another location while the pilings are installed.  The use of timber pilings is a less expensive application, however, the higher cost of moving the home instead of just raising it could cause the wooden piling installation to be more expensive.

How does the ABFE affect flood insurance premiums?

Homeowners must raise their homes to at least their new ABFE to avoid drastic flood insurance premium increases.  Homeowners that raise their homes an additional two feet above the ABFE could be offered even lower flood insurance rates.  Often times, the long term insurance savings can offset the cost of raising the home.

What is involved in raising my home to new flood elevations?

The process begins with obtaining architectural and engineering plans, soil boring samples and an elevation certificate and plot plan. The engineering plans and any other necessary engineering documents, as well as utility disconnect notices must be submitted to the local building department for approval and permits. An electrician, plumber and HVAC technician must be contracted to disconnect, then reconnect all electrical and plumbing. A house raising company must be contracted to raise the home safely and provide a cribbing written detail. A mason must be contracted to rebuild the foundation or install timber pilings based on the engineering / architect plans. Since we are a full turn key general contractor any other required repairs can all be handled by our company for single source accountability. Shore Builders Group, LLC offers all of these services as part of our complete turnkey house raising package. We are by your side from the very beginning of the process until the very end, guiding you through township permit requirements, ICC claims and the grant process and any additions or repairs.

How do I choose a house raising company?

Choosing a house raising company can be an overwhelming task. Most people do not anticipate needing this service in their lifetime. The most important criteria for selecting a house raising company is location. A local contractor is not only aware of local building codes and regulations, they also have extensive knowledge of local soil and weather conditions.  Beware of contractors from out-of-state that open a local office and call themselves a local house raiser. Many of these companies are not properly insured or registered with the State of New Jersey.

How long will I be out of my home?

It varies.  Depending on the size of the house and the scope of the work, it could be as little as a 45 days or as long as 120 days.

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