LBI House Raising

LBI House Raising

With the influx of tropical storms and hurricanes on the east coast in the past few years, our professional house building team has been very busy. Hurricane Sandy devastated the eastern seaboard and thousands of homes in New Jersey were destroyed.

Many homeowners who did not have their house raised at that time are now doing so, and it is becoming a necessity for prevention against flood damage in the event of surging water. Instead of worrying, it is best (and will cost less in the long run) to get your house raised.

It’s a relatively “painless” procedure that is well worth it in the end, when you know your valuables and loved ones are safe. Our professional team of LBI House Raisers has been doing this for years and we get the job done quickly so you can get back into your daily routine.

There are many questions to be asked and we can help you find the answers:

  • Should I get my house raised?
  • How high do I need to lift my house?
  • Will insurance cover it?
  • Is there grant money available for this?
  • What are the costs?
  • How long does it take?

ICC Information (courtesy of FEMA):

Increased Cost of Compliance (ICC) coverage is one of several resources for flood insurance policyholders who need additional help rebuilding after a flood. It provides up to $30,000 to help cover the cost of mitigation measures that will reduce flood risk. ICC coverage is a part of most standard flood insurance policies available under FEMA’s National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP).

Read more about ICC deadlines HERE.

If finances are of concern, read the following below about the GFI from the American Red Cross:

“The Gap Funding Initiative (GFI) is a $16.4 million grant program funded by the American Red Cross and the Hurricane Sandy New Jersey Relief Fund that offers grants to help eligible homeowners cover the costs of home repairs incurred as a result of Hurricane Sandy. Eligible homeowners must be approved for Reconstruction, Rehabilitation, Elevation, and Mitigation (RREM) funds by the New Jersey Department of Community Affairs’ reNEW Jersey Stronger program and still have an ‘unmet need’ to cover the cost of home repairs.

The GFI application period opened in October 2013 and closed in October 2014. During this time, over 1400 applications were received from homeowners impacted by the storm. Grant decisions were made on an individual basis, taking into account household income, financial need, program funding parameters, and funding availability. As of June 30, 2016, GFI disbursed grants to 665 awardees in eight Sandy-impacted counties.”


Call us to schedule a free consultation about house raising (609) 494-5500

House Raising: When you choose Shore Builders Group to raise your home, you have made the absolute best choice. We have decades of combined experience ensuring your project is a complete success. Because we are also a licensed custom home builder, we can handle every aspect of your entire project. One call does it all…. 609-494-5500. We raise and rebuild your house from concept / design to completion. We personally oversee every single home project ensuring you the best quality craftsmanship consistently every time.

We have been raising homes / elevating homes for many years and well before super storm sandy. In a time when there are so many companies trying to capitalize in the aftermath of Super Storm Sandy’s devastation, it is good to know our team has the years of experience to guarantee you home will be raised safely, secured properly and built perfectly exactly the way you want it finished.

  • We offer a free house raising evaluation and written estimate.

  • We can help you complete your I.C.C. paperwork

  • We work with R.R.E.M. homeowners

You have many options available to you:

Is your house currently on concrete CMU block? If Yes and you want to go straight up and higher by adding new CMU block on top of your existing, you will need the following things completed:

A NJ Licensed Engineer to complete a soil bore test, the purpose of this test is to determine if your soils can hold the additional load of adding more concrete block to your existing foundation. You will also need a NJ Licensed Engineer or a NJ Licensed Architect to conduct an existing foundation structural report to ensure your existing foundation and footings will be able to handle the additional weight of adding more concrete block to your foundation. Please contact us today for a referral of the best architects, engineers and surveyors in our area 609-494-5500.

Is your house currently on concrete CMU block? If Yes and you want to go onto new timber piling and demo and remove your existing foundation. You will need the following things completed:

A NJ Licensed Engineer to complete a Plot Plan. This is a plan created using your existing survey and adding all the proposed work to be completed by putting your house on new piles / adding your pile plan to your survey.
You will also need a piling plan created by either a NJ Licensed Architect or NJ Licensed Engineer. Please contact us today for a referral of the best engineers and architects in our area 609-494-5500.

Yes, we also handle house raises for houses currently on concrete slabs or on short timber piles or any type of foundation that exists. Please call today for a free house raising evaluation of your home 609-494-5500

LBI House Raising
LBI House Raising